Hey everyone!!

Im super excited to be sharing these presets with you! It was a long time coming.! No Lightroom subscription is needed to edit with these presets. The mobile presets have been altered so they work best with iPhone photos. In order to successfully edit using #kamjonespresets, you should have a basic understanding of the Lightroom app and it's settings.

The mobile pack includes 4 different Lightroom presets + a Bonus B&W (Created for iPhone photos)


* Your first step is to download these three apps… “lightroom mobile”, “unzip”, and “google drive”.

* After purchasing you should get an email from me. Make sure that you get it before moving on.

*Next you will go into your google drive and up at the top there will be a file that says “archive.zip”…click that.

*After that you need to go up to the right corner and click the “three dots”. After that you will need to scroll down and click on “open in” and than “copy to unzip”.

*You will need to click the orange icon that says “archive.zip”. It will than bring up a yellow folder. click that.

*Next you will need to click on each dog file and “copy to lightroom” using the download option at the top of the page.

*Once you’re in lightroom mobile it’ll bring up my picture with the preset on it. Now you must go up to the right hand corner and click on the "three dots”. From there you will need to scroll down and “create preset”. Name it and save. Yay!

If you are running into an issue where the .zip file will not download after several attempts, try using a different internet browser (i.e. Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox).

All preset sales are final. Digital products can not be returned. No refunds are available.

Also, the download expires within 24 hrs so please make sure to download before that. I don’t want complications :)

Please use #KAMJONESPRESETS so I can see your beautiful photos! :)







*PLEASE EMAIL kammiemaschuephoto@gmail.com with any customer service inquiries.

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